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Title: On His Own Sword
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: None
Pairing: H/Hr (albeit tangentially)
Warning: Character death
Word Count: 100


Voldemort screamed in agony as he hit the ground.

"You're dying," Harry said.

Voldemort sneered through the pain.  "You can't kill me, boy."

"I can.  All I have to do is destroy the last Horcrux."

What little color was in Voldemort's face disappeared, though it could've been from blood loss.  "You can't."

"I.  Can." Harry said coldly.  "Although I almost have to thank you.  You took my parents, then Sirius, then Hermione.  If you hadn't...I'd need to find another way."

Harry raised his wand to his scar.

"But this way is much easier."

The wizards locked eyes.

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