Dena (luzie_dmc4) wrote in hphg100,

Title: Stealing Water Drops and Moments
Rating: G
Word Count: 103
Genre: Angsty drabble

My first fic here! Please comment!

Harry splashes out of the water, runs his hand through his hair, which is wet and intensely black. He plops down in the chair beside you. He’s got a water droplet clinging to a lone dark eyelash. The sunlight beams down upon it, making it glimmer with a tiny rainbow, the bright colors blended into one another. Your breath catches in your mouth. Then Ginny turns and wipes it away. The drop and the moment are both gone. 
Harry shifts in his chair, smiles at you. You can feel another brick fall off your wall of resolve.
You’ve got to tell him soon.

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