Dena (luzie_dmc4) wrote in hphg100,

            Title: Blue
            Word Count: 112
            Spoilers: None
            Rating: G      
            “Blue,” says Harry. “The flowers have to be blue. Blue made her happy.”
            “She looked so pretty in blue,” his daughter says softly.
            Harry nods, his throat clogged by the blue of her Yule ball dress, the blue of the comforter she’d picked out for the bed that was now only his, not theirs and by the blue of the hospital gown she’d spent her last days wearing.
            “She’ll have to be buried with this,” his daughter says, pointing to Hogwarts, a History on the mantel. “So she won’t be bored.”
            Harry looks down at his grandson in his lap, where he can already see Hermione’s nose forming on the tiny face.

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