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Fic: Carpe Diem

Title: Carpe Diem
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Harry/Hermione, OC
Word Count: 272
Summary: "Now, we have a busy day ahead."

It's longer than a drabble, but it started out that way.  Isn't the spirit of one enough?

“Now, we have a busy day ahead.  We have a meeting with the Weasley twins for product testing and funding plans, a tour of Diagon Alley to rate production of the businesses located there, a quick visit to St. Mungos to see Mrs. Potter and a follow-up lunch near Hyde Park, and various other activities until we return home to finish up business for the night.  Are you ready to proceed?”


                The four year-old girl in front of him smiled brightly.  “Yes, Daddy!”


                He smiled, picked her up, and placed her on his hip.  “Glad to hear it!  Do you have everything?”


                “Bookbag, books, jacket, and….” She trailed off as she scrabbled through the blue bag on her shoulder.  “Sirius isn’t in here!  I had him last night before I went to sleep and now he isn’t there!”  Before he could answer, she turned her head to scan the room for anything out of the ordinary, effectively covering his mouth with bushy brown hair.  When her search was unsatisfactory, she turned her bright green eyes to his face.  “I think I lost him!”


                “No, you didn’t.  I have him right here,” he replied and held up a well-worn small, black stuffed dog.    “You left him in me and Mommy’s room from when you came in there this morning.  Do you want him now?”  At her nod, he handed the toy to her and his smile grew at the sudden peaceful look on his daughter’s face.


                She hugged the dog to her chest.  “Now I’m ready.”


                “Then let’s go, Hope Potter!”


                “Let’s go, Daddy!”


                And the two Apparated away to seize the day.


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