Dena (luzie_dmc4) wrote in hphg100,

Title: (currently untitled—any ideas?)
Word Count: 102
Rating: G
Genre: Aaaangst to max
“Hermione,” her mother said softly, incredulously, “Is Harry so important to you that you’re giving up your future to go to war for him?” She shifted, needing reason, understanding but not finding it in Hermione’s face.
Hermione didn’t speak at first, but her lips were moving, as was her brain, trying to explain. “Mum,” she whispered, her face tearless but utterly, poignantly brokenhearted, “He is. He is.”
‘‘You love him,” her mother breathed, her eyes shining in her sudden realization.
Hermione nodded, biting her lip as she raised her trembling hand to point her wand at her mother’s face. “Obliviate,” she whispered.

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