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Harmony in 100 words

hphg100: weekly drabble challenge

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Hi and welcome! This is an LJ community solely for posting 100-word drabbles featuring the lovely pairing of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Please note that we try to be friendly and respectful community, so any flamers and/or bashers are kindly requested to hit the back button now.

Every Sunday evening (Brussels time) I will post a new challenge. You can enter any time you want, no pressure! If you don't feel like writing about our ship but don't want to miss out on all the H/Hr goodness, just watch the community.


1) All drabbles must be at least 100 words. You are allowed to squeeze in couple of more words, but please bear in mind that this is a 100-word drabble community.

2) Please treat all members with respect. If you disagree with the author, comment in a constructive way or just don't comment at all.

3) Other pairings are allowed, but please keep H/Hr the main focus of the drabble.

4) Title, rating, challenge and word count must be mentioned at the top of your post.

5) Please remember that all adult material needs to be placed under an LJ-cut.

6) Have fun!

This community is modded by aqua_chuu, who you can always e-mail over at nissafaith@hotmail.com for questions/suggestions/other things on your mind.

Affiliates: hermione100, sirius_remus100,grangersnape100, dramione100, hg_slyth100.

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